This book. This book is an absolute treasure.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is not only a jewel, it is a jewel. I absolutely adored her work.


Can we please appreciate this cover for a minute?

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The society in Red Queen is divided into two- The Reds and the Silvers. The Reds are the ones with the red blood- normal humans like us. The Silvers are the ones with the silver blood- they have supernatural powers.

The book follows Mare, who is a Red. The government seizes up all the Reds who aren’t apprentices and drafts them for a war that that the Silvers started. Mare tried to get herself and her friend Kilorn away, when after a series of unfortunate events, she realizes that she has blood of both Reds and Silvers. She’s packed and sent off to the castle where she must act like royalty of a house long forgotten and must marry the second son of the King while rebellions threaten the reign of the Silvers.

It all reads like your typical lost-princess plot but IT ISN’T.

Let’s start with the characters-

Mare is strong, independent and an absolute train wreck. She is reckless and I did despise the fact that she trusted the Scarlet Guard so recklessly. (I still do not trust the Scarlet Guard AT ALL.) But she has a criteria for character development. Let’s hope she gets it anf Victoria doesn’t leave her be like Richelle Mead did with Rose’s immature, reckless character. (Not forgiving, Mead.)

Cal is an absolute cutie. I loved him in the book and even though I didn’t ship Mare/Cal, I sure as hell ship Me/Cal. I loved the fact that when Mare tried to persuade him to choose her and not a kingdom, he absolutely shanked her, like “Girl, I’m choosin’ my kingdom over you.” I hated it but I loved it. I mean, I did agree with Cal and would do it too and I loved the fact that he wasn’t a mainstream, love-sick character but I hate the fact that he wasn’t a mainstream, love sick character. Ya feel me?

MAVEN. Let’s talk about Maven, shall we? I absolutely loved Maven and totally shipped him and Mare. They had a chemistry that Cal and Mare lacked and I totally think Maven is so underrated. I just really hope he pulls a Warner!

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And of course, let’s talk of the plot twist. It BLEW MY MIND.

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I usually see plot twists coming from a distance, but this one I did not. I had to re-read it like a five times and I was left Nope-ing the rest of the book. Absolutely GENIUS!

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Side Note- Glass Sword comes out on 9th February, 2016.