*Spoiler Alert*

Hello, everyone! Today I’m going to be reviewing Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

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Cinder by Marissa Meyer is the first book of the Lunar Chronicles and a re-telling of the famous Cinderella. It’s about a futuristic world where people have inhabited the moon and call themselves Lunar. The story follows Cinder, who is a cyborg- half human, half robot- and lives with her guardian Adri and Adri’s two daughters- Peony and Pearl, who are supposed to be the step-mother and the step-daughters. And of course, we have Prince Kaito, our prince charming!

Cinder, I proclaim, is an amazing, amazing book.
I don’t really pick up sci-fi books because I’m not really that into science-fiction. But my god, this book blew my mind! The start was a bit slow, and I had to drag myself through the first chapter, but I assure you, it is well worth it!
The Earth is divided into different countries and Cinder lives in New Commonwealth, which I PRESUME is all of Asia. I really liked that idea.
Cinder is a worthy protagonist- she is smart, brave and just all-in-all pretty great. And I absolutely LOVED Cinder/Kai moments in the book! They were so beautiful. ;__;
Kai is just absolutely amazing! He’s so sweet and nice and I loved the fact that he just found out new ways to ask Cinder to the ball! And the gloves were so sweet. And even though I knew why Cinder didn’t want to go the ball, I was still SO angry. LIKE SO, SO ANGRY at her refusing Kai. Kai is a cutie, Cinder. WHY WON’T YOU GET IT?

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And Iko. I don’t know, I call her Iko and not Ee-ko? I have no idea how to pronounce that name, but I loved her! She was hilarious and fun and I’m guessing she’s one of the mice in the Cinderella story? Pretty cool. I WAS DEVASTATED when Adri dismantled her. Like what the fuck? That bitch! Let’s hope Iko comes back in the next books.
AND LEVENA OMG THAT BITCH. I hate her SO much, it’s ridiculous. She forced her own step-daughter to SCRATCH her face? What the hell? And oh my god, my blood was boiling when I realized that she had the medicine for the plague. I kind of feel that the Lunar shells didn’t bring the plague, and that it was infact, Levena who perhaps bought it to Earth? I’m just guessing, but it’s a pretty good guess. I loved the fact that Marissa Meyer made her easy to hate(?) and it was really easy to get into the element of hating her and experiencing the book with full feels, like it was intended to.
AND I KNEW, Cinder was Princess Selene. Like obviously. First I thought that Cress might be Princess Selene because I’d read the summary and since she was trapped in the tower and all, she’s most likely to be, but the foreshadowing made it PRETTY obvious that Cinder was the princess like, duh.

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Speaking of which, I’m guessing the hacker girl is Cress? And Princess Winter will Snow White? Yeah. Thought so.
I liked the added element of the plague in the story- at first I thought that the Plague had returned but then we find out that the Lunar shells bought the plague there. Like, that was pretty cool.
I was SHATTERED when I realized that Peony got the plague! Like I really wouldn’t have cared if Pearl had gotten the plague, because let’s be real, we all hate Pearl. But I LIKED Peony and now she’s dead and that’s just fantastic!

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And as I mentioned before, the foreshadowing was really fun to read. Like with all the Cress and Winter and I’m guessing the Lunar shells have a bigger part to play and OMG IS CRESS CRESCENT MOON? Because like, the doctor thinks she’s dead. And Cress is short for Crescent and and and-
I also enjoyed all the borrowed elements from the actual Cinderella and that made it so much more fun to read! I’m actually about to finish Scarlet because I absolutely had to start reading it right away, and just now wrote this review because I needed my feels to cool down!
All in all, I enjoyed this book. I haven’t really read THAT many third-person books in a while, since most of them are written in first-person, and I have to say, it really did add immensely to the story.

You need, need, NEED to read the Lunar Chronicles, ASAP.

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