Hello, everyone! Today, I’m going to be reviewing Cress, by Marissa Meyer!

Cress is the third book in the Lunar Chronicles and is a re-telling of the fairytale- Rapunzel. The book follows Cress, who is a lunar shell. She’s trapped in a satellite by the Queen Levana’s head tharmutage Mira Sybil, and is used as a hacker. Along with her story, we follow our past leads’ stories as well.

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This book. Oh dear.
This book was an absolute treasure which left my little heart singing with pure joy. I am a sucker for swoon, and this book just made my heart ache. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of bad-ass-ery happening as well.
Cress is me. I am Cress. She is the perfect relatable protagonist! She is awkward, clumsy, socially enept(even though she has the excuse of staying put in a satellite)- she can easily be related to. She’s not strong, though she tries to be. And she’s head over heels for Thorne, though CAN you blame her?

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Speaking of which, I loved her and Thorne’s relationship. It was perfect and realistic and not insta and just just just… so freaking good, you guys! It was a realistic depiction of what it feels like to have a crush- and Cress had a pretty major crush on Thorne. She had stalked him all his life(also a realistic depiction) and I loved it. She made Thorne into someone he wasn’t THEN- a great, amazing, heroic guy- and even though he refused every single one of those statements, she still saw the good in him. And the desert was just too good. He even cut her hair and that was pretty adorable(kinda like Tangled?) and I just can’t even. Thorne continuously says that she’s way too good for him but then it was HIM who got her out of that desert where she probably would’ve died of thirst. And that kiss. He didn’t know if they’d make it out alive and he kissed her and OMG there’s just only so much my heart can take. ;-;

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God, I freaking hate Levana so much! What the hell is her problem? (Wouldn’t mind if she died, hopefully she will.)
AND OMG I KNEW IT. I KNEW Doctor Erland was Cress’s father!(Who didn’t, really?) and I was just shattered when he got lumotosis. It was just the saddest thing ever! And that talk where he told Thorne that she deserved better than him! That was the sweetest thing ever and it made me tear up.
Cinder is so freaking badass, you guys! SHE KIDNAPS KAI! She freaking KIDNAPS the EMPEROR.
BAD. ASS. (without being Rose Hathway, thank god.)
Scarlet and Wolf weren’t exactly the ones for me, BUT I FEEL SO BAD FOR SCARLET! And Wolf, I want to throw something at him! He’s acting like a total loner, and I get it, I get why he’s that way, BUT GET A FUCKING GRIP AND GET HER BACK.

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I didn’t totally trust Jacin, and I feel that he’ll do whatever he has to for Winter, so I’m thinking he’s going to be the huntsman? Yeah, probably.

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We did get a preview of Princess Winter’s character, and I did like her. I feel that she’s gonna be a favourite of mine, soon enough.
THIS BOOK WAS FABULOUS YOU GUYS. Definitely THE BEST in these three! I expect big things from Winter now! YOUR fault, Marissa Meyer! (Jk, I love you. But if Thorne of Cress or Kai or Cinder die, then we rebel.)
Just read it, you guys. Just read it.
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