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Alright so, Hatred Day.


Rating- 3.5/5 ♥
I was super excited ever since I saw the book trailer on YouTube, and the cover is pretty interesting as well.
I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, but it wasn’t the *best* I’d read in 2016, though that’s okay. I’ve read some PRETTY good series in 2016. This book was like a roller coaster- The start was kind of slow and boring for me- it didn’t particularly intrigue me, but it was okay enough to get me hooked. The middle was action packed and great, the story line was perfect and it kept you on your toes. It was fabulous till the very end, except the end wasn’t as mind blowing as I wanted it to be. When things got spicy in the middle, I expected the book’s end to be just as intriguing and mind-blowing, and even though it was well written, I wasn’t in an ABSOLUTE rush to pick up the second book. I will pick up the second book after it gets published next year- it’s NOT like me to abandon a series(unless the situation is extremely dire), plus I do believe that this series has great potential. The book was great, and I genuinely feel that the plot was strong, if only it had been written with a more exciting wording. Nonetheless, kudos to the authors. It is a strong novel to begin with as début authors.

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