I’ve seen this tag in a couple of places now, and I’ve decided to do it! The book tag was created by Jay G so check her out! (:

1. January (GARNET):
Associated with warding off negative forces and dark energies – Name a book with the darkest/evilest character you can think of.
Okay so for this, I shall choose my baby Maven. I don’t know if he’s actually evil (wink-wink) but I’m biased and I love him too much to choose otherwise.

2. February (AMETHYST):
Purple is associated with royalty – Name a book with regal qualities… You can base this off of characters or choose the King of all books.
For this, I’m choosing Kelsea from The Queen Of The Tearling! I’m still on the first book as of now, but I love Kelsea and she’s a really strong and poised ruler so kudos to her!

3. March (AQUAMARINE):
Washed out – Name a ‘wishy washy’ character, a character who is not strong or a follower.
I don’t know if this means the protagonist or a side character? But I really haven’t read a book where the protagonist isn’t portrayed strong. So I will go with Juliette from Shatter Me, because up until the first two books, she was extremely passive and lacked a spine. But man-oh-man was that character development impressive!

4. April (DIAMOND):
A diamond in the rough – Name a book that you loved but is not well known.
Wings by Aprilynne Pike! I don’t know if this book is famous or not, because it seems as though no one has read it! Someone DISCUSS WITH ME IT’S BEEN LIKE FIVE YEARS BUT I’M STILL READY.

5. May (EMERALD):
Said to balance energy – Name two characters who balance each other well.
Sydney Sage and Adrian Ivashkov from the Bloodlines series! They’re THE OTP. Sydney is cautious to the extent that she’s boring and Adrian is reckless to the extent where he’s a danger to himself and they both just balance each other perfectly and it’s just the cutest and you guys I’m going into fangirl mode again HALP.

6. June (PEARL):
Associated with loyalty – Name a character who is loyal to the end.
I feel that Sydney is a very loyal person. She pretty much established that in the *ahem* so, yeah. Sorry for repeating!

7. July (RUBY):
Blood red – Name a book that made your blood boil, one that made you angry.
Allegiant. And not because of the ending. I consider that the better part of the book. I just didn’t like the book because of the writing and the whole thing in general.

8. August (PERIDOT):
Pale green (it pales in comparison to other gems) – Name a supporting character who you like better than the main character.
Simon Lewis! (I was about to say Adrian again but then thought better of it. But hey, I said it! Sorry. :|) I liked Simon much better than Jace! Not for Clary, (SIZZY IS LIFE) but as a character in general. Simon Lewis is love<3

9. September (SAPPHIRE):
Blue like the ocean which is calming – Name a book that had a calming affect on you.
All those books by Enid Blyton that I have secretly stashed in my cupboard. Don’t ask.

10. October (OPAL): Iridescent
Name an iridescent book, this can be a book with a beautiful cover (Shiny? Lots of color?) or you can base it off of a character (Quirky? Colorful?)
The Infernal Devices and the Mortal Instruments even though I haven’t read the Infernal Devices and I have the UK covers of the Mortal Instruments! 😛

11. November (TOPAZ):
Associated with resilience – Name a books with a character who rises to the top in a time of adversity.
I really want to choose Syndey again, because DUH. But for this, I’ll choose Iko from The Lunar Chronicles!

12. December (BLUE ZIRCON):
Associated with friendship – Name a book with a friendship you want to be apart of.
For this, I will choose The Name Jar by Choi Yangsook! It’s about an immigrant coming to America, and finding it hard to make friends in her new school! It’s such a good book with great friendships!

And that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed!

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