Look who’s back from the dead! Sorry guys, I’ve got exams!

Now, I’m no one to judge a book by it’s cover (obviously), but it doesn’t hurt it the book is easy on the eyes! Besides, iconic masterpieces SHOULD have iconic book covers that catch the eye at one go.  These books are reality come to the words- Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

1.) Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead



I mean, I WOULD NOT pick up this book if I just started out as a reader. Even after about 10 years of reading, I still hate it when authors put people on their covers. And these are just super ugly. Like why. I bought these series in paperback too, and as a result couldn’t remove the jacket. But then, these books are super fun to read and an amazing series!

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2.) Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

download (1).jpg

You’d think Richelle would’ve learnt by now that her ‘people’ covers are super ugly. I mean, why. These books are absolutely fantastical, but these covers ruin everything! UGH. And who is that supposed to be on the covers? Adrian and Sydney? UM HELLO?

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3.) The Crown by Kiera Cass


Now, this *may* not seem that ugly to you, but it’s only because YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE OTHER COVERS. ;_; They’re absolutely gorg. and beautiful. This one just looks really bad, it clearly looks photoshopped, the gown’s a size too big and Eadlyn looks funny. I mean come on, Kiera Cass! We had faith in you! The fan covers are even better than these!




Still pretty though. 😛

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4.) Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

download (3).jpg

What is this. WHAT IS THIS OMG. THESE ARE SO UGLY. And hereby I stand correct- ‘people covers’ are ugly. These covers are a shame.

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5.) The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

download (4).jpg

Look at these. They’re so damn ugly. For once, I actually like the movie covers BETTER than the original covers. SMH.

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Aaand, that’s it! These books I’ve mentioned are absolute treasure, so it’s really a shame that the covers are so bad. But I am in no way trying to undermine these authors. They’re all QUEENS in what they do, and I respect them and love their work! So do check out these books and don’t be trumped by the covers. After all, it’s what inside that matters! 😀

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