Hello, everybody, and welcome to The Slang Book Tag! I created this tag myself because I was very bored and I’m in something of a reading slump.

So without further ado, let’s get into:

The Slang Book Tag!

1.) Bye, Felicia!
A book that you didn’t care about/ do not like/ an over-hyped book

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Ya’ll have read my TFIOS book review, haven’t you? Need I say more? Pretentious protagonist, pretentious love interest, pretentious dialogue. Only a good plot. But that don’t forgive ya.

2.) Ship
A book couple that you ship

We all know this one, don’t we? I ship SYDRIAN. They’re perfect for each other- he’s reckless, she’s sensible; he’s outgoing, she’s reserved- they bring out the best in each other! ;___; (cries because I’m done with the series and I need more.)

3.) Bae
A book character of your preferred gender that you would absolutely love to marry.

I would absolutely pick Adrian Ivashkov, but since I’ve already mentioned Vampire Academy/Bloodlines, I will go with Maxon Schreave from the Selection series. I mean, HE’S MAXON FREAKING SCHREAVE. NEED I SAY MORE??

4.) Ain’t nobody got time for that!
A book series so bad/boring, that you did not finish it.

I’ve got two for these, one for boring and one for bad. Now I believe in sticking through a series and finishing it but The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey just didn’t do it for me! It wasn’t bad, I just wasn’t hooked. But I am thinking to pick it up again and read it full hopefully.
The other book is Fire And Flood by Victoria Scott. This book is just the worst rip-off of the hunger games. I legit do not like this series at all. I couldn’t even complete the first book, and now the first two books in this series sit on my bookshelf, staring at me. But I feel no guilt whatsoever! 10/10 would not recommend!

5.) Smol bean
The cutest character in a book/series

Charlie from Perks Of Being A Wallflower. I genuinely think he’s the sweetest and the most adorable character I’ve read about.

6.) On fleek
A protagonist who’s personality was perfect/on fleek

Now, I usually HATE protagonists. They’re all super whiny, and self-giving. But I admire and respect Kelsea from The Queen Of The Tearling. Yeah she’s self-giving and heroic too, but all in good time. She is so strong as a character and I loved her throughout the two books and (almost)never felt annoyed with her. Which is a new one for me, because I usually HATE protagonists.

7.) Netflix and Chill
A ship with so much sexual tension that you just wanted them to KISS ALREADY (and do the sexy)

Warner and Juliette from the The Shatter Me series. The sexual tension was unbearable! I legit sighed with happiness when they finally kissed, no kidding!

8.) Shade
A character who’s witty dialogue you loved

Jace from the Mortal Instruments series. about 80% of why I think he’s fine is because of his damn good and hilarious dialogue!

9.) Damn son
The greatest plot-twist you’ve ever read in a book/series

The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard! I can smell a plot-twist a mile away, and this one I didn’t anticipate AT ALL until it hit me like a brick wall! (HA! rhyming like a pro).

10.) Blood-Type
A book you’ve read and re-read so many times it’s basically your blood-type/ your favourite book/series when you were young that you still love

The Vampire Academy and Bloodlines by Richelle Mead. I’ve grown out of these books, but that doesn’t mean that they’re still not my favourite first series! I envy everyone who gets to read it for the first time!

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