So, Warner Bros. won the movie rights for Kiera Cass’s The Selection series, and I’m all like-


FUCKING FINALLY, for we were promised a T.V. show YEARS ago.

But now since it may finally be happening, I shall ponder over my dream casting for the characters. Because I’m the one with the machete and I won’t be afraid to use it should they fuck up the movie.

1.) Maxon Schreave

Hunter Parrish


I mean, he does have blue eyes, but contacts could do wonders. I wouldn’t mind him playing Maxon at all.

Note- Anyone who says that Josh Hutcherson should play Maxon can fight me to my fucking death. (Hunger Games pun.)

2.) America Singer

Audrey Hollister

download (7).jpg

Not sure if she can act, but she did give a face to America in the books. I just HOPE she can act and aces the audition, if she’s auditioning at all. Fingers crossed.

Sophie Turner


And just in case that doesn’t work it, I do think Sophie Turner could play America in my movies.

3.) Aspen Leger

Gregg Sulkin 

download (8).jpg

So many people want him casted as Maxon, but tbh, he looks more like Aspen to me than Maxon. Like look at that cocky ass face. Don’t you just want to punch that face but kiss it too?

4.) Marlee 

Indiana Evans

download (9).jpg


6.) Celeste Newman

Emily Didonato

download (11).jpg

She isn’t a model either, but look at all that glam!

7.) Queen Amberly

Angelina Jolie

download (10).jpg

Okay but isn’t she perfect? I can legit imagine her wearing poofy gowns and sitting in the Ladies’ Room having tea with the Selected.

8.)  King Clarkson

Micheal Fassbender

download (12).jpg

And nothing you say could convince me otherwise.


I know I missed out quite a few characters, but as of now, I really hope these people are cast. What’s your dream cast for The Selection?


P.S.- I swear to god if they fuck this movie up like The Divergent or Vampire Academy, I will cut a bitch up.

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