As a fellow book person, I know that there isn’t just one way to read books- book nerds come in all ways and habits! Chances are that you’ve come across these book nerds as you sailed through your book life:

1.) The Book Snob Reader

This is that reader who reads only high literature, classical books like Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte and shames you for reading YA. Like fuck you, Jessica, I will read about dragons and magic however much I want.

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We also call them YA- frown-ers. We don’t talk to them.

2.) The ‘Books-Should-Be-Loved’ Reader

This is the reader that dog-ears pages, cracks the spine with love and writes notes and highlights lines inside the book. Sure, it makes me flinch a little every times (Please use a bookmark), but oh well!

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3.) The ‘E-books Are Better’ Reader

This is the one reader I absolutely hate. I don’t mind e-books; in fact, I read e-books myself. But there’s always this person on every Epic Reads’, Goodreads’ etc. posts who will ALWAYS point out the efficiency of e-book readers. I GET IT. It saves space, it’s easier to carry blah blah blah, but I would google it’s benefits if I wanted to hear it. You don’t have to ruin the mood of a funny ‘do you too never have enough book shelf space?’ post on my feed.

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^They carry this list with them whereever they go.

4.) The Pristine Reader

A.K.A me. Well, at least I try, and I think you will all be very proud to know that my recent books have been kept in pristine conditions C: I understand, books should be loved, but I love to see my bookshelf pretty and neat-o. So much that they avoid loaning books, BECAUSE THEIR ARE MONSTERS AMONGST US MONSTERS I TELL YOU, who destroy your book and give it back damaged. Like nah bitch, I didn’t spend $$ on this beautiful book just to have to ruined by your nasty hands.

Extra Points for including a Death Note reference. 😉

5.) The Simultaneous Reader

This reader reads two to three books at the same time, so RESPECT, because I get so muddled up, I lose track >.< These are the readers we all aspire to be at some point in our sorry, mundane lives.

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6.) The Harry Potter Reader


Obviously these aren’t ALL Harry Potter fans, but I have seen so many of their kind. These are the people who have read the Harry Potter series probably 50 times, and the very sole reason why I haven’t read them. They amount of time they spend talking about Harry Potter is very disturbing and borderline annoying, which is saying something because I spend 24/7 talking about books. Like of course you have the right to fan girl, but please don’t go piranha on me when I’ve said that I haven’t read the books. You forcing the series on me won’t make me read them anytime soon.

But when you’re around your HP brethren, Potter On (Potter On isn’t actually a thing and I am embarassed and I want to apologise.)

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7.) The Socially Enthusiastic Reader

This is that one person who has joined all the YA clubs, Classical clubs, Literary clubs, not to mention the readathons, readalongs and the book discussions.

Which is ABSOLUTELY GREAT. A chance to spread book positivity in the world. These people give me life, because they’re never short of a discussion! And who doesn’t like to discuss books? These are the pioneers of uniting the book community and will probably lead us while we discuss world domination.

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8.) The Butthurt Reader


This is all ME, and I have no shame in admitting to this. Insult my favourite character, OTP or book, and it will be D Day for you. I legit don’t care if you’re my best friend or a cute dog, I will bombard you with facts and information justifying my favourite character, OTP or book’s claim to be the very best (like no one ever was. I’M SORRY), and destroy your will to live.

Perhaps not that much, though. Perhaps.

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And, that’s it! I know I haven’t been frequent about posting, but school’s started and I’ve got my tests coming up! But I’ll try to post as frequently as I can!

Until next time!

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