Rated O for Offensive.

Hello, everyone! (sorry for being AFK). Today, I’m going to be reviewing The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken, a.k.a, a giant, slopping and major fail of a book.


Incoming: Rant.

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken is a book over-hyped EVERYWHERE. Booktube, Goodreads, Twitter- you name it. With an avg. rating of 4.3 and the hype of a newly made i-Phone, all I have to say is –why? Why was this done to me and why was I cheated like this? And I’m not mad just because this book was a major fail, but also because it was expensive. And that’s saying something, since I’m that one person who doesn’t bat an eye while spending money on books.

Amateur Writing+Shitty Plot+Shitty Romance+Bad Characters= The Darkest Minds

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The book is about a virus that has hit America and America only. Even though the American population are all hybrids of different cultures, no other country was affected. And since no one else was affected, no one else IS HELPING, even though all the children are dying. What the hell? It’s not a world made up by Bracken; she set her book in the future. Where is the UN, since clearly America and all of her states are intact? And why is the government locking up the kids? Shouldn’t you protect or hone their skills? Why the fuck are the parents giving up their kids so willingly? I refuse to believe that all the parents are so willing to give up their kids. Maybe the idea of ‘rehabilitation’ works, but for how long? And how are the people so gullible? I’m sure someone must have at least asked to look or contact their kids? And this has being going on for what, six-seven years now? The plot has more holes in it than a beehive (or something with a lot of holes in it.) The book could have been conjured by a five year old.

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Our MC Ruby idkherlastname, is the worst MC ever. I was just about ready to commit suicide because I just hated to be in her head so much. I don’t know if it’s just me, but mind powers are the freaking coolest. I would be one of those kids who were making PSF soldiers shoot themselves in the head. I’d rather we were in their minds than Boring Ruby’s head. I felt like that was the whole theme of the damn book- boring. Boring MC, boring love interest, boring side characters, boring world, boring plot, boring book. I’ve heard so much about Liam being an amazing book boyfriend, but I really don’t see how or why. He had the personality of the bland salt cracker that you use to cleanse your palate when you order a cheese platter. He’s a nice guy who does nice guy things. He trusts Ruby immediately, even though they live in a world where they’re being constantly hunted and he had only just met her and she was lying to him. Honestly, I liked Chubs in the start because he seemed to be the only person with a bit of a sense in him, but even he succumbed! And Clancy, of course. The bad guys in this book are bad because they are bad.There’s no complexity. I genuinely liked Clancy, and I thought he was going to be a layered character- someone who shows Ruby that the first guy who’s nice to her isn’t her soul mate. But nope. He was obviously bad. MC couldn’t possibly misjudge someone. You have to be evil if your parents are too. Liam is the only good guy Boring Ruby will ever fall for. Nice.


And what the fuck was that end? That last paragraph was totally lost on me because however she described herself was certainly not reflected in the book. And can we please talk about the fact that she hadn’t seen a boy in six years and had the sexual maturity of a ten year old, and yet it takes her seconds to be at ease with a boy and like 20 pages to fall in love with him?

Quality writing, folks.


Rating- 1.5
.5 for Zu and the character Clancy could have been.

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